Krrish White Bricks
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AAC has excellent thermal efficiency & do not require any other insulation products used for maintaining ambient temperature & thus save power for huge setups like Hotels

Motels & Restaurants

AAC Blocks can be used as fire separation walls for Motels & Restaurants being resistant to Fire and has property to stand it for more than 6 hours


Has Unique product flexibility and characteristics allowing for high-speed and energy-efficient construction required for your dream home and project for residential purpose

Office Building

AAC can provide very good sound insulation and ideal for offices & other structures that require acoustic insulation reducing the outdoor noise.


AAC Blocks are Manufactured from best quality natural raw materials which requires least amount of energy for production and much ideal  for construction of Hospitals


With its fire resistant , insulation properties ,sound barrier properties AAC Blocks are chosen as the best material for construction of Industrial buildings,Factories,Warehouses etc.