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Krrish AAC blocks are ideal for all kind of structures such as schools, hospitals, hotels, offices, independent housing, apartments etc.,

ECO – Friendly

Krrish AAC Blocks is designed for consumers who are environmentally conscious.

  • Reduces at least 30% of environmental waste
  • Consume less energy.
  • Greenhouse radiation decreased by 50%
  • Over 60% decrease in integrated energy on the surface of brick.


AAC Blocks are lighter than traditional Clay bricks.

  • Almost 3 times lighter than Clay bricks
  • Easy and cheaper transportation.
  • Reduces overall dead load of a building by 30%
  • Ideal for construction of taller buildings.
  • It has a dry density of 550-650 Kg/cm3


These blocks are known for their precision.

  • Available in perfect sizes.
  • Results in smooth walls.
  • Reduces cement and steel usage.

Design Flexibility

AAC Blocks can easily fit individual requirements. These can also be installed after the main construction is complete.

  • Easy to cut, drill, nail, mill and groove to fit specific requirements.
  • Available in custom sizes that can be handled easily
  • Simplifies hydro-sanitary and electrical installations.
  • Due to its smooth surface and large dimension, mortar is reduced by over 60%

Faster- Construction

Krrish AAC Blocks make construction easier and faster.

  • 30% reduction in construction time
  • Sets and hardens quickly.
  • Different sizes of blocks help reduce the number of joints in wall masonry.

Low Maintenance

Building constructed using AAC blocks requires less maintenance. It requires less jointing and reduces need for cement and steel.

  • Overall construction cost reduces by 20%
  • Nil efflorescence effects hence wall painting and plastering last longer.

Long- Life

The Autoclaved Aerated Concrete block have longer life span.

    • Not affected by extreme climatic conditions
    • Do not degrade under normal atmospheric conditions.
    • Prevent from dampness due to water absorption.

Termite/ Pest Resistant

Porous structure of AAC blocks makes it termite resistant.

  • Aerated concrete cellular (ACC) block cannot be damaged or infested by termites and other pests.
  • Makes it ideal choice for flooring, roofing and walling solution.

Fire Resistant & Thermally Insulated

Autoclaved lightweight concrete (ALC) Blocks is fire resistant and thermally insulated.

  • Can withstand up to 6 hours of direct fire exposure.
  • The melting point of AAC is over 2900 F, more than twice the typical temperature in Building fire of 1200 F
  • Excellent sound absorption property due to porous structure of blocks.
  • Reduces heating and air conditioning costs of a building as the air pores provide perfect thermal insulation.

Seismic Resistant

These lightweight AAC blocks reduce mass structure of a building.

  • Decreases the impact of an earthquake
  • Non-combustible nature provides an advantage during earthquakes.

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