Krrish White Bricks
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Quality Control

At KRRISH, Quality is of paramount importance, as we intend to provide our customers/end-users, finest product of highest standard of quality & strength. For this end in view, rigorous Lab tests of all input material – whether it is Cement, Lime, aluminium powder or gypsum or other essential additives- are conducted prior to application in production process. Then, at every stage of production, random tests are undertaken at regular interval during the batch process. Thereafter, the final product is subjected to required physical & chemical Tests including the Compressive Strength Test of random samples drawn from each batch, to ensure that each Block is of Grade-I as per laid down parameters of IS:2185 (Part-3):1984. In fact, the beauty of KRRISH AAC BLOCKS lies in its high compressive strength while maintaining the light weight of the blocks.

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