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What are the different sectors in which AAC can be used?

AAC is a revolutionary product in construction industry. It is cheaper, more user- friendly, and more readily available than ever. It is light weight, load bearing and durable product. It is three times lighter than conventional red bricks and has far much better qualities than conventional red bricks in every aspect.

The different types of sectors in which AAC products can be used are:

  • Hospitality Sector: AAC products can be very effective. It can be used for constructing hotels, motels and restaurants etc. The fire and earthquake resistance provides safety to the guests and employees. The qualities like pest resistance, sound proof, non- toxic, thermal insulation and moisture resistance are like very comfortable and home like feeling for the guests. It also has high resistance to water penetration and environmental friendly features which make it easy for maintenance of the buildings.
  • Hospitals: Hospitals are very sensitive places. One needs to be very conscious about the safety and hygiene of the patients and the premises. AAC products are very perfect for this as it is fire, earthquake and pest resistant. It is non- toxic, sound proof, has thermal insulation, moisture resistant which makes the hospitals comfortable for the patients and the attendants. While construction, it is long lasting and cost effective product which has perfect shape and size. High resistance to water penetration and environmental friendly characteristic is easy for maintenance.
  • Schools: schools again are places to be very careful about when comes to its construction and maintenance. It should be fire, pest, and earthquake resistant. It should be non- toxic, moisture free and thermally insulated. While construction one also wants it to be cost effective, long lasting, environmental friendly and high resistant to water penetration. Here comes the qualities of AAC products which fulfills the all above mentioned features and that is why be considered for construction.
  • Theatres: During construction of any premises, safety and maintenance are the features no one can ignore and theatre is no exception. Apart from this, it should have a beautiful ambiance for the audience. Here again come the excellent features of AAC products which fulfills the all requirements. AAC is strong, long lasting, cost effective and highly resistant to water penetration.
  • Offices: Offices should be made strong, comfortable, moisture free, and cost effective. Employees send almost 8 hours here daily. They love it when it is breathable and moisture free. The efficiency of the employees improves in positive atmosphere. AAC provides all the qualities required for construction of offices and is easily available at cost effective price. It also provides thermal insulation and high resistance to water penetration.
  • Marketsand Malls: Markets and Malls are the places meant for huge gathering for shopping and entertainment. People are constantly coming and going. These places need to be attractive, ambient and strong as well. When the developers use the AAC products for construction of markets and malls, they are making an intelligent choice. AAC is strong, fire and earthquakeresistant, light weight, time saving and highly resistant to water penetration. Due to its light weight, the dead weight of the structure is also very less. It has high compressive strength.
  • Factory and Warehouse: Factory and Warehouse are meant for heavy duty. They are mostly used by labour class people, so it must be tough and safe at the same time. It should be fire and pest resistant and earthquake resistant. It needs to be constructed fast, long lasting, cost effective and highly resistant to water penetration. For warehouse especially, it must be moisture free too.